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Do you cook my recipes from your phone? If so, then you’ve gotta level up your cooking experience with this new app I’m partnering with called Fond. And the best part… no ads! 

How can I view Cheerful Choices recipes without ads? 

Lemme keep it real. Like most bloggers, I have ads on my website. I aim to keep them super minimal but ads help provide me with some passive income to support my free recipe creation. 

My goal as a registered dietitian and recipe developer is to give you the inspiration and resources you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

But if you’re looking for a way to view these recipes without ads in the way, you gotta check out the Fond app.

What does fond look like? 

You’ll see this fond button above my recipe cards. You can click on it to check Fond out and try it out for 30 days for FREE (no credit card required either!)

What exactly is Fond? 

Fond is an app that offers an ad-free subscription access to some of my top recipes (along with other bloggers) in their step-by-step format, perfect for following on your phone as you cook. Here’s what I love about it:

  • No scrolling – in-line ingredient amounts are included in the directions so no more scrolling back and forth
  • Timer integration – so you can set it and forget it on your phone during the cooking process 
  • Supports Creators – after your trial, any paid subscriptions goes to support myself and other hardworking recipe developers 

Try it out for free today!

I’d love for you to get in and try it out. It’ll be like I’m right there with you in the kitchen walking you through each step right from your phone.

It’s completely free for 30 days with no credit card required. Click here to sign up and get cooking! If you need a place to start, try my popular nut-crusted salmon!

Need more hands-on help when it comes to cooking?

Of course, sometimes it takes more than just a recipe to help you reach your health goals and become confident in the kitchen. That’s where my virtual “Coaching + Cooking” program shines. I help busy professionals, just like you, learn how to fuel a healthy lifestyle. We do this through virtual nutrition coaching sessions followed by one-on-one virtual cooking classes.

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