Author: Mackenzie Burgess

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Apple Banana Smoothie

Have extra apples and bananas lying around? Make the easiest apple banana smoothie recipe—perfect to welcome the fall season or enjoy year round! Plus, you get to choose any apples and spices of your choice. This apple smoothie is perfect to celebrate the fall season Apples are delicious to enjoy in the autumn months as […]


8 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Want to learn more about why being healthy is beneficial? Read on for 8 research-backed benefits of a healthy lifestyle! (This post is written by Cheerful Choices contributors, Corrin Coons and Sydney Coons.) So what is considered a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating nutritious foods. It’s also about being physically active, […]

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Sausage Kabobs

These sausage kabobs with colorful veggies make the perfect better-for-you option to serve at tailgating or cookouts. Ready to go in 20 minutes with no marinating required! What are kabobs? Kabobs are made up of cut meat and/or vegetables which are threaded onto a skewers and grilled. They are especially popular around summertime and for […]

Recipes, Breakfast Choices, Sweet Treat Choices, Dairy-free Choices, Gluten-free Choices, Vegetarian Choices

Oat Flour Pancakes

Try this spin on a classic comfort food with Oat Flour Pancakes! These golden brown cakes include mashed bananas, oat flour, and almond milk for a higher-fiber, gluten-free friendly breakfast. Perfect to serve at everything from elegant brunches to cozy mornings at home. What are oat flour pancakes? These gluten free oat pancakes are simply […]

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Pesto Pasta with Vegetables

This Pesto Pasta with Vegetables, also known as pesto primavera, is the perfect light dish to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Plus, you get to choose any vegetables of your choice to throw in the mix! Try pairing this pasta with a protein like chicken, shrimp, or chickpeas to round out the meal. How do […]