Author: Mackenzie Burgess


Secret Ingredient Salsa

So you want to know what the secret ingredient is, right? First, can I tell you a secret? I used to HATE tomatoes. I would be that person who would pick the tomatoes off my salad, immediately write off anything with tomatoes on a menu and despise any tomato-based soup and not be into the […]

Try this delicious Thai Peanut Umami Buddha Bowl for your next meal prep, lunch, or dinner. The thai peanut sauce is liquid gold!

Thai Peanut Umami Buddha Bowl

Have you ever heard of the flavor umami before? If you haven’t– it is a game changer. Umami is a category of taste–just like sweet, sour, salt and bitter. It is described as the savory taste (aka indescribable yumminess). More technically speaking, umami corresponds to glutamate, a type of amino acid, that is present in […]


Strawberry Kale Smoothie

Are you a kale-hater? Well this recipe might just turn you into a kale-lover. This is a recipe that I’ve prepared at several cooking demonstrations (see below) and have surprisingly turned skeptics into believers. The mix between the sweet pineapple, strawberry, and kale makes for the perfect, slightly-sweet smoothie combo. The layering of the pink […]