My Journey with Graphic Design and Marketing

I came into college with a great background in art and design but a serious passion for learning more about human nutrition. When I declared Food Science and Human Nutrition as my major at Colorado State University (CSU), I was unsure if my creative skills would be able to fit in this area or not.

Immediately my freshman year of college, I got plugged into the Food and Nutrition Club at CSU and began helping with their designs for meetings and events. During my sophomore year, I worked with the CSU Health Network and throughout this time I really started to gain experience with Adobe software, brand standards, and developing marketing strategies. As I headed into my junior year, I was contacted by the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center (KRNC) on campus, and I started to help with some of their design work on the side. Now as a senior, I am proud to be the Marketing and Media Specialist for the KRNC.

It is so cool to see how life pieces itself together through different experiences and decisions. I am so grateful for my past experiences and my current job. Not only does this job fulfill my passion for working with nutrition, but it also satisfies my love for design, educating others about nutrition through communication, and cooking. From creating designs for upcoming cooking classes; to delivering marketing materials to providers and employees; to photographing our programs; to filming and testing recipes; to scheduling social media content– every day is different and exciting! I also feel very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing staff and students that have the same passion for human health, nutrition, and FOOD!

Below are just a few designs showcasing some of my work for the KRNC.



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