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Advantages of Canned Foods

Learn more about the advantages of using canned fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. Including a comparison of nutrients, health benefits, and sustainability impacts. Plus, delicious recipes to try! Just in time for National Canned Food Month! Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by ​Pacific Coast Producers. All opinions are my own; I never feature a […]

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Build Your Own Snack Board

This customizable snack board is filled with all the good stuff like fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy dips, and protein packed extras. Read on for ways to customize and make this vegetarian charcuterie board your own! Perfect for Easter, parties, or just a fun activity if you’re bored at home. Please note this page contains affiliate […]


8 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Want to learn more about why being healthy is beneficial? Read on for 8 research-backed benefits of a healthy lifestyle! (This post is written by Cheerful Choices contributors, Corrin Coons and Sydney Coons.) So what is considered a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating nutritious foods. It’s also about being physically active, […]