Easy, healthy recipes from a nutrition expert. Here you’ll find recipes choices like one pan meals, 3-ingredient snacks, and 5 minute sweets. Scroll down to browse through all the delicious dishes!

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Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are the perfect snack or healthy dessert. Plus, all you need is 6 simple ingredients found in your pantry. Vegan, kid-friendly and great for summertime! What are cereal bars? When you hear the term “cereal bars” you probably think of rice krispie treats or cinnamon toast crunch bars. These store bought bars are […]

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Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms

These air fryer stuffed mushrooms are the easiest appetizer to make! You only need 4 ingredients and a few minutes of your time. Perfect for dinner parties or summer gatherings! Oven instructions included as well.  What are stuffed mushrooms? Stuffed mushrooms are an appetizer where you remove the mushroom stem and add a filling over […]

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Veggie Bites

If you’re looking for the perfect meal prep snack, this veggie bites recipe was made for you! Plus, you get to customize with any vegetables and cheese of your choice. What are veggie bites? Veggie bites are a combination of colorful vegetables and binding ingredients like eggs and breadcrumbs. This mixture is then portioned out […]

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Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Say hello to the brunch spread of your dreams! This breakfast charcuterie board allows you to mix and match pancakes, sausage, eggs, fruit, and toppings of your choice. What is a breakfast charcuterie board? Charcuterie boards, also known as snack boards, are all the rage nowadays. That’s because they’re so easy to make while also […]

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40+ Healthy Desserts for One

Craving a quick and easy sweet to enjoy? We’ve rounded up 40+ single serving, healthy desserts for one! These desserts allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth without surrounding yourself with tempting sweets that stick around for days. (This post is written by Cheerful Choices contributors, Corrin Coons and Sydney Coons.) Is dessert healthy? Ever […]

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Customizable Peanut Salad

Customize this kale peanut salad with any protein of your choice like chicken, tofu, or edamame. Drizzled in the easiest Thai peanut salad dressing! What is peanut salad? The star of the show for this recipe is our Thai Peanut Sauce. If you’ve never made this sauce before, it’s a must-have! The combination of creamy […]