Disclosure Policy

As a registered dietitian and foodie, I love testing new food and health products and sharing my experience and enjoyment with my readers. Sometimes brands will send me free samples and products. Whenever I review or refer to a product that was given to me, I will state that I received free samples. If there is no disclosure statement, you can assume I purchased the product.

Occasionally, I will write sponsored posts, for which I am compensated for. I never feature brands/products I don’t love or endorse. I make this clear with a disclosure statement at the beginning of the post/recipe. I sometimes participate in recipe contests and am eligible to win prizes. My participation in a recipe contest will also be disclosed.


If I link to a product or company or where to purchase the item, this link may be an affiliate link. That means that if you click on the link in my blog post and buy something, I’ll receive a small percentage of the profit for referring you. Again, I’ll disclose when a post or page includes affiliate links.

Sponsorship Policy:

Any sponsored posts are clearly disclosed. It is my policy to only accept compensation for businesses and brands I believe in and would already use and/or recommend to others. I never feature a brand I don’t love. Sponsored social media posts will be indicated with the hashtags #sponsored or #ad.