Coaching + Cooking

Don’t know where to even begin when it comes to healthy cooking? You’ve come to the right place. Join my one-on-one virtual nutrition coaching program!

Virtual nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian nutritionist

Hi! I’m Mackenzie…

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, recipe developer, and avocado lover. I believe food should be approachable, nourishing, and delicious!

I help busy young professionals go from relying on frozen dinners and store-bought snacks to cooking delicious & nutritious recipes with confidence, so they can achieve their health goals without spending hours in the kitchen. I am certified in culinary nutrition education, making me the perfect expert for you to work with.

You’ve spent hours Googling your nutrition and kitchen questions.

Are carbs actually bad for me? How do I chop an onion without taking my finger off? Are sweet potatoes healthy? How do I make chicken juicy?

These are questions swirling around your mind on the daily. You turn to Google to find answers only to be left frustrated with mixed information. You want clarity from a nutrition expert.

You need accountability with your goals.

You know living a healthy lifestyle is important but it’s hard to keep up with it all, especially the cooking part. Year after year, it feels like a struggle to stick with the health goals you set. You wonder how to make these goals doable.

One of my favorite parts about this program is helping people break down their larger goals into smaller weekly goals. This way you can take actionable steps without it feeling overwhelming.

Virtual cooking classes with a registered dietitian nutritionist

With a busy schedule, healthy eating is a struggle.

Working 40+ hours a week, cooking seems impossible to work into your schedule. You want to learn how to cook healthfully, but are intimidated by the thought of it.

I help busy people with minimal cooking knowledge become confident in the kitchen so that they can enjoy nourishing foods they love and stress less about meal time. Click here to book a FREE discovery call and learn more about my approach.

Preparing healthy meals seems bland and time-consuming.

Let’s be real. Nobody likes straight up raw spinach. But perhaps, add into a 20-minute one pot pasta dish and now we’re talking! Through my program, I will teach you how to transform these nutritious ingredients into delicious dishes so you can actually enjoy the foods that make you feel good. And instead of spending hours fumbling through difficult recipes, I provide you with easy beginner recipes customized for you.

Learn how to chop kale through virtual cooking classes

You feel like you cook the same things over and over again.

Running out of ideas for meals and snacks is frustrating. This Coaching + Cooking program is designed to get you out of your recipe rut and get more variety into your diet. With one-on-one virtual cooking sessions, you learn how to prepare recipes you’ve never tried before. Picky eater? Don’t worry–I take into account your favorite and least favorite foods.

Here’s how I can help you gain nutrition and cooking confidence:

My Coaching + Cooking program is for busy individuals who want to learn more about fueling a healthy lifestyle, but feel lost in the kitchen. In this program, we meet through virtual nutrition coaching sessions followed by one-on-one virtual cooking classes.

This approach allows me to learn more about your health goals, budget, and dietary preferences so I can create recipes personalized specifically for you. Click here to book your FREE discovery call to learn more and see if it’s a good fit.

What’s included in this program?

Over the course of six virtual sessions, you will become more confident in both your nutrition and cooking knowledge. Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

  • Evidence-based education on your burning nutrition questions
  • Realistic goal setting and ongoing accountability
  • Personalized recipe PDFs and grocery list
  • Hands on, guided cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen (break out the PJs!)
  • Meal planning tips
  • Grocery store guidance
  • Food safety and storage
  • Time-saving kitchen hacks, tips, and tutorials
  • 24/7 messaging support with myself, a registered dietitian

Ready to learn more about this virtual experience?

Get started for $300 with my intro offering or $1200 for the all inclusive program. Now, I understand your money and time are valuable. That’s why I’d love to invite you to book a quick call so we can see if Coaching + Cooking is the right fit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many recipes are covered in the virtual cooking session?

This may depend on your goals and needs but I typically go over 3 recipes during the virtual cooking sessions.

Do the recipes feed multiple people?

Most of the recipes we cover will provide around 4 servings. This is perfect to feed other loved ones or have leftovers!

Can I sign up for this program if I have food sensitivities or allergies?

Absolutely! My recipes are customizable to fit different food sensitivities/allergies as well as any taste preferences you may have.

Do you provide meal plans?

If you are looking for a meal plan, I like to take a more integrative approach and discuss this during a coaching session. This allows me to learn more about your lifestyle and makes it easier for us to collaboratively create a plan that works best for you.

Furthermore, these recipes can be covered during our virtual cooking session so they are cooked and ready to go in just one hour.

Do you offer stand alone nutrition coaching?

Absolutely! If you are wanting nutrition coaching without the cooking element, let’s chat about this in a FREE discovery call.

Are you able to do a payment plan?

Yes, I can definitely set up a payment plan that will equally spread out the payments if this works better for you financially.

Have more questions before booking? Not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Click here to book a FREE 15-minute phone call to discuss more about what this service might look like for you.